Having grown up on island, I can tell you the TOP 10 reasons why I think you should live on a Caribbean island.  

So here goes;

1. You're entirely surrounded by sea. There's no time to get bored. Go for a paddle, learn how to kitesurf, snorkel around, do some sailing, or swim with turtles. There is always something to do in the sea.
2. You can see a sky full of stars at night. You would never believe how starry a sky is until you get to the Caribbean.
3. Feeling thirsty ? You can go pick a fresh coconut. There is always a coconut tree nearby ready to quench your thirst. 
4. It's Summer all year round. You don't have to own 3 different wardrobes. A couple of bikinis will do just fine. (A couple of board shorts is enough, boys !)
5. Fresh food. It's easy to get a hold of fresh fruit and vegetables on an island. Fish doesn't get any more fresh than when the morning fisherman arrives with his catch of the day.
6. Nothing beats a good Caribbean party !! Islanders just know how to party ! You will never experience anything like a Carnival on these islands. Crop Over in Barbados is a good example. The music will just have you dancing automatically. 
7. You've always got that sun-kissed look. Freckles on your face, wavy salty hair, glowing skin, and sparkly eyes !
8. Slow Down. No one is ever in a rush in the Caribbean. So you might as well take a step back and chill a bit.
9. Learn new cultures. The Caribbean has so many interesting cultures to learn from. It will make you a lot more open minded living on an island.  
10. Last but not least. Everyone says hi to each other, even if they don't know each other. Everyday you feel the love. That's island vibes for you !

So, pack your bags. It's time to get the next flight to the Caribbean. Buy a ticket with an open return. You won't regret it. You'll thank me later !

There's nothing quite like living on a Caribbean Island. I love it. 


  • ann phelan

    love number 10…the greeting you extend may be the first that person received..or the only one..be kind to others, the Caribbean way….here in Bonaire, we say, “bon dia” to each other… XX

  • Jeanne

    Agree with everything!
    And Union Island, in particular, has the MOST friendly people I have ever met. #paradise

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