The Salty Girl idea came about one sunny morning on beautiful Union Island in the Grenadines…

I believe that deep inside every girl, there is a wish to be a Mermaid. We all live for the summer. We all look forward to getting to the beach and getting our toes sandy. Diving into the ocean and letting our sun-kissed hair down, while the sun brings out our little freckles. But quite often we want to find the right outfit or accessory to look stylish at the beach without too much effort.

Luckily for me, I grew up Union Island and still live on this sunny island in the Grenadines, in the South of Caribbean, where it’s summer all year round, but that can come with some fashion dilemmas.

Quite often I found it hard to find summery clothes and accessories during the winter and autumn months, so I decided to start my own brand to help other Salty Girls like me find exactly what they’ve been looking for.

The brand is full of tropical prints, neon tassels, sparkly beads and seashells. Our products range from jewelery to beach bags, sarongs, bikinis, long sleeve suits and round towels to various beach cover-ups and everything you ever needed for the perfect beach holiday. 

Everything is designed by myself and made with lots of love and detail !

We follow all of the latest trends to make sure you always look your best wherever you go, and be the envy of everyone around you, be it at the beach or at a festival !

Currently we have one boutique on Union Island next to The Salty Girl Café located right after the Fruit & Vegetable Market.
Open daily 8.30-4pm. Closed Sundays.

Not all of our products are online, so if you're coming to Union Island, please stop by and see what we have in our boutique. 

We plan on opening more shops in the Caribbean, so we'll keep you posted on where you can find us soon! 

I hope you like our products and hope to see you in some of our designs !

Zoe Schaffer-Jennett
Founder of The Salty Girl