It's all about the "ISLAND LIFE"

For me, it's really all about the island life.
I too often get asked the same question over and over,
"Don't you get bored living on such a tiny island?" My answer is NO.
Followed by "What is it that you do in your city or village that's more fun than this little island?"
I've had the privilege to grow up on a tiny island called Union Island in St.Vincent & the Grenadines where my entire childhood was spent outdoors, running barefoot, climbing trees, saving animals, collecting shells, drinking coconuts, playing mermaid, making bracelets...
Not once did I ever wish I had the life of other kids living in bigger countries that had cinemas, playgrounds, mountains of toys, and so on. My reason for not envying that life is simply because I knew that much of it was mostly spent indoors during the colder months. On an island in the Caribbean, it's always summer, so we're always outside doing something !

At the age of 11, I went to boarding school in Scotland with my twin brother. It was a big contrast to what I was used to. We had started in September, the weather was grey and very cold (to my standard !!), we always had to wear shoes, and most of our spare time was spent indoors. A few years down the line, I moved to London and started working at an Ad Agency. I lived in London for 3 years. It was at that point that I realised I had to move back to Union Island. London was great, but I didn't have that feeling of freedom like I do on this little paradise island. 

Every day there is something to do outdoors. Sunshine makes me happy.

I wouldn't change my childhood for anything, and if someday I'll have kids of my own, this is where I'd like them to grow up. 

So before asking this question, have a quick think. I would never ask someone if they "get bored" living in their tiny village or big city, simply because every one is different. Some people don't need much to be happy or to be entertained. 

When I'm not busy working at our businesses, The Snack Shack (Restaurant-Cafe & Bar) & The Salty Girl Boutique, I spend my free time designing bikinis and cool kitesuits ! I kite somedays, chill with my dogs or help stray dogs, collect shells, swim with turtles, go litter-picking, etc etc. I never ever have a moment where I get bored, and that's what I love the most about living on an island. 

Some of you may have heard about Jeremie Tronet's new series, "Island Life"...or maybe even watched the first episodes already. I'm super excited to share with you a small part of our island life with you through these fun videos that he has done.

Here's the 2nd Episode of Island Life where you can see how our life on an island is and also get to meet me, Zoe the owner of The Salty Girl !

We hope you enjoy seeing what life's like on an island !!

Remember that no matter where you live, each place comes with its' pros and cons and that everyone is different. What is boring to you might be the best thing ever to someone else. 

For me island life is the best life ! You should try it, if you can. ;-)

Salty love,



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