• How many shops do you have ? and where ?
    We currently only have 1 boutique located on Union Island (South of the Caribbean)
  • What are your opening hours ?
    We open 8am-8pm Mon-Sat.
    8am-2pm on Sundays.
  • Do you wholesale ?
    Yes we do, contact us for more info. 
  • Do you ship worldwide ?
    Yes, we ship to most places in the world. We use FedEx or DHL for international shipping. 
  • Can I go into the sea with my crochet anklet ?
    Yes you can swim with your anklet, however we recommend that you rinse it with fresh water after.
  • Can I wash my swimsuit in the washing machine ?
    NO ! Please rinse it in fresh water and hang it in a shaded area to dry.
  • Can I wash my round towel in the washing machine ?
    YES ! Make sure to wash on a warm temperature, not HOT !!!

Any questions not answered here, feel free to send us your questions by filling in the form below.