All Salty Girls love a little treasure hunt on the beach. 

It's amazing to feel the calmness it brings when searching the shores for little sea treasures. Hearing the waves crashing against the sand, while your toes sparkle with coral crystals, and your lungs feel with salty ocean breeze, there's just no better feeling.
It has always been the first thing I do when arriving at any beach. And my favourite thing to do once there. Since I was a little girl, the excitement of finding the most beautiful shell that day, was my biggest goal. I'd search under rocks, push aside seaweed just to find that shell. Among my treasure hunts as an adult nowadays, I also search for the best pieces of driftwood. The more old-looking and the more battered it looks, the better story it has to tell.
I always wonder where it came from, what did it see while drifting in the big ocean. If only I could ask it and get some answers.

Whenever you are feeling down or stressed, visit your nearest beach, if you can.  It definitely would brighten up your mood in an instant and you'll have some beautiful treasures to take back home with you. 

The beach is where I find my peace and where I feel most at home.


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love the treasures from the sea..

ann phelan

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