Top Things every Salty Girl needs to bring on Holiday

Hi Salty Girls,

So it's holiday time, we all get so excited to go to a new destination but us girls always wonder what we should bring without over-packing our bags. 
Here is my list of my top things I think all girls should bring when going on a Caribbean Holiday or to any other island destinations.  

 SUN LOTION - get a minimum 50 SPF for your face to keep away from sun damage and 30+ SPF for the rest of your body. Make sure to apply often ! I use CLARINS - it smells really nice, isn't greasy and best of all when you get into the sea it does not burn your eyes !! Perfect for kitesurfing especially !!

 BIKINIS - this is an obvious one, but you're better off bringing more bikinis than undies or clothes in general ! On a sunny island, you will be living in your swimwear all day every day ! If you're into kitesurfing like me, then get yourself a surf suit with long sleeves, they look super sexy and protect you from the sun - what's there not to love about them ! 

 WET BIKINI BAG by The Salty Girl - This will save you from worrying about what to do with your wet bikini. It will ensure everything else in your bag stays dry. Also great for keeping your phone and money dry if going out on a boat ride (minus the wet bikini) ! SHOP WET BIKINI BAGS

 AFTER SUN CARE - get yourself a good quality moisturising face cream so that at the end of the day you can treat your skin to some goodness. Same goes for the rest of your body. Get something that contains Aloe Vera as this is the best sunburn healer and good for everything else ! On most Caribbean Islands you can get some Fresh Aloe Vera.  Organic Coconut oil is also great for skin & hair !

 HAIR CONDITIONER - get a really good moisturising one as all that sun and sea will dry your hair out in no time ! Coconut oil is a great solution, however it can make your hair look greasy. I'd recommend, putting some on your hair ends after swimming. For a deeper conditioning, lather it into your hair and leave it in for while, then wash it out with shampoo. This should do the trick. 

 ROUND TOWEL by The Salty Girl - If you want to look stylish at the beach, then a round towel is a must. If you're going to bring a towel anyways, then forget boring rectangle towels, Roundies are the new hot thing ! Find a print you like, there are many to choose from.  SHOP ROUND TOWELS

 TOILETRIES & MEDS - Bring along Mosquito Spray, always a good idea to bring some repellant wherever you go, just incase ! Bring a little pharmacy kit - pain killers, plasters, whatever else you think you might need. 

 MAKEUP - you don't need much on the island. Bring along your favourite mascara to give those lashes a flirty boost ! Forget the foundation, give your skin a rest and get that island glow. 

 SUNGLASSES - Get a pair of polarized ones. These are everything, they bring out the beauty X10 - making all those shades of blue pop !! Otherwise any good sunnies will do, protect those eyes ! 

 WHAT TO WEAR - you'll find that during the day you'll be happy wearing a pair of shorts and a top or an easy-to-wear dress. A pair of flip flops and a pair of sandals is all you will need really. Bring along a pair of running shoes if you're into running or fun hikes. It's always a good idea to bring a little dress incase you go for a nice dinner. Island life is very chilled and casual - no need for fancy wear. 

 TRAVEL ADAPTER - this is essential wherever you go. This way you won't get into any trouble charging your phone or laptop. Easy to get one at any international airport. 
I hope this can help you pack for your next holiday and I hope you have a fantastic time wherever you're heading to next. 
Keep travelling and discovering this beautiful world we live in. 
Happy Holidays !!!

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